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Paving, Patios and Paths

Professional garden patio and paving services. We construct high quality garden patios using the finest materials including brick, stone, concrete, cobblestone, block and other paving materials.

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Patio & Paving Services

The best gardens invariably strike a happy balance between paving, walling and planting. Time spent carefully considering paving will not only provide an attractive area to sit out and enjoy but help to show off the rest of your garden and property to best advantage. Gone are the days when you were limited to grey, square concrete flagstones. We are more than happy to offer our knowledge and experience when it comes to blending or contrasting paving with house and garden styles, simply ask us at the time of your free estimate.

To create traditional designs, there is a wide range of brick and stone paving which can be laid to instantly conjure up the look of yesteryear. Alternatively, more modern decorative paving stones in various colours, shapes and textures provide the opportunity to create a more contemporary look.

When you design your garden, either at home or with professional help, there is no need to stick to one product type. You can create truly inspirational and individual designs by mixing different paving products together. You can also enhance your chosen paving with bands of small, vibrantly coloured clay cobbles or natural stone sets. Introducing contrasting yet complementary paving shapes, colour, sizes and textures will add that extra little something special!